Monday, August 1, 2016

Fragments of Time

As the Daft Punk song rightly states, "I just keep playing back these fragments of time, everywhere I go these moments will shine." I've been reminded a lot of past moments that I've had on the mission this week, especially my time in Varzea. There, too, I was completing the training of a new Elder, and there, too, I seemed to have difficulties in having investigators progress. I've really come a long way from that time though, and this last week I just ended up taking a personal study to make a plan of action, which I'm super confident will help out our work here.

Our week did include its fair number of blessings, though. I think that the greatest blessing of all was yesterday, we were talking to this woman we had met this week called Zita. We found her while talking to Virginia, so we decided to talk with them both at her house the next time. Virginia wasn't there, so we went into a little more detail with the message of the Restoration. By the end of the lesson, she told us that she'd actually talked to the Elders before, but they were transferred out before she was baptized. We asked her if she wanted to be baptized, and she was like definitely! So we're going to work with her for the 27th of this month!

One thing that we want to work on with our ward is involving the members of the Ward Council in our work more than we have. We have correlation with our ward mission leader, but the ward hasn't had Ward Council for the past 3 months! So we decided to do what we can and invite members from each organization to come regularly to our correlation meetings. This was a goal that Fogo had for this month, but we just implemented it now because we had to at least start having correlation first haha

Anyways, transfers were today! Elder Jhangiani and I will be staying together for another one. I'm really happy about it, I love my comp right now and I love this area, despite its difficulties. I'm seeing a lot of real potential here in this area. Elder Schlicte of Congresso Alto is going to be training there, so it'll be cool to see the fresh greenie as well! Super stoked!

That's all I have for this week, but I hope that all of you are well! Time is passing so quickly for me, it's pretty scary actually. I'm not ready to be so old on the mission! But anyways love you all bye!

Elder Penner

p.s. Happy Birthday Harry Potter yesterday! 36 years old! A brand new book tooooooooooooooo

Pics of apartment living in Fogo

I don't think these pass dress standards

His companion forgot his tie and neither noticed right away.

Could rain be coming?

Clouds make them happy

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