Monday, August 29, 2016

Hopeless Wanderer

Soooooooooo I don't have much time to talk, but I did just want to give a shoutout to all of you for being who you are n stuff. This week has had some really cool things happen, but not so much with progressing investigators. It seems like the very moment that we've been desperate for a member to leave with us, we found one on the street or just leaving their house, completely ready to leave with us! It's been strange and cool at the same time.

This week I felt just a little bit like a "Hopeless Wanderer" as Mumford puts it. We've really counted on the Lord to just "hold (us) fast" so we could see the blessings that our work has had on individual lives. One of the most important lessons that's sticking out to me here is the way I show my attitude towards this area. At times and for some missionaries it can be tempting to just sit around and hang out until something starts happening in the area, right? However, the more difficult but more self-satisfactory way is to make sure that you do what you can every day, every hour.

I was reminded last week of the BOM prophet Abinadi. As far as he knew in this life, he didn't have a single convert in the court of Noah, and he went as far as to lose his life just for the truth of it. However, we know that Alma was converted, and that through his works so were many many others. If Abinadi hadn't tried, none of that would have happened. Even if Alma wasn't converted at that time, at least Abinadi could say with true integrity that he had a clear conscience before God. That being said, I'm pretty sure that my situation isn't as near as bad as his. I'm pretty sure that we'll have a baptism this next month. But if not, then at least we can say we did what we could.

Now for the cool part: we found an awesome new person this week. Well, not really found, but more like finally had a chance to sit and talk with. We've known Manu since around I got here, but he's a barber and always working, so we just never found the time. A member here named Teixeira kept bugging us to talk to him, so we finally worked out to talk to him during his lunch hour. We've only talked once earlier this week, but in following up with him, he said he's read the Book of Mormon! We'll have more time to see him this next week. He really seems to show a true interest in following the message, even when his workmate keeps throwing doctrinal curveballs at us at times (not much, mostly the "Jesus drank wine, so why can't I?" argument.) I think he'll be baptized this next month. I really do.

I went on a division with Elder Valenzuela in my area this past Thursday. He's only on his 4th week here and he's just rolling along! I was super surprised at how well he handled teaching with me even though he didn't always know where exactly I was going. I think he's going to be a really good teacher.

Other than that, it's hotter than ever! Maybe somebody cursed this city to have a famine or something. We'll see if the curse is broken this week. Hope you all are well! Have a good one!

Elder Penner

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