Monday, February 15, 2016

Don't stop me now

I think Queen described it best when it comes to being with super high energy when they made Don't Stop Me Now. I mean, come on... "I'm burning through the sky, 200 degrees, that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit. I'm traveling at the speed of light and I'm gonna make a supersonic man outta you." Now that's powerful.

And that's how I'm feeling! Sadly, and due to an unexpected turn of events, Elder Arguello made an early exit from the exciting life of waiting in important lines. In his place (and I completely thought that President Mathews was just kidding) is none other than Elder Massey! For those of you that don't know, Elder Massey is my one true love. Jk but there could be a spark somewhere there...

I have so little time in my area and such great experiences in my area that it almost kills me sometimes. I think I may just make an official session in my updates entitled investigator of the week or something, to help me to focus my ramblings here. I mean, they probably won't be the only investigators that I write about, but I will give a bigger focus on one specific person or family each week. I like that idea.

So today's weekly investigator is a really neat family that we've been teaching for a while. The father sadly won't talk to us, but the mother and the son are nice and really enjoy our messages. The mother, Mary, barely understands any Portuguese at all, so we made a personal decision to make sure that we always have someone to translate for her, and to really help her understand the Book of Mormon. She feels the Spirit when we talk to her, so we want to help her understand what we're saying. The son, William, is a pretty cool guy, he's about 17 years old or so, and although he doesn't completely understand Portuguese, we honestly feel that lately the Holy Ghost has been helping him out to understand and to learn. We read Helaman Chapter 5 with him and he kept asking us questions pertaining to the relationship between the Nephites and the Lamanites, and also the necessity of baptism to achieve our Celestial potential. We also teach his friends, because they're always there at his house with him, and they all really like to read the Book of Mormon as well. We really want them to get to church, because I know that if they go once, they won't want to stop going!

I'm very excited for this upcoming transfer, it's going to be a whole lot of fun. I'm going to be spending the first bit of it trying to help out Elder Massey, who's probably going to be even more overwhelmed than I was when I started here, but that's okay.

I love you all, stay firm in the faith in Christ that keeps us all together! Also, always remember to get stoked! Stokage brings miracles, yo.

Elder Penner

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