Monday, November 28, 2016

In the Cold, Cold Night

As the nights get darker and darker, I can't help but be reminded of the
White Stripes song with such a simple guitar riff. Although it never gets
cold enough here as it does back home, sometimes it would be nice to wear a

As to more important things, Jusara (learned how to spell her name this
week) was baptized and confirmed this last weekend! The funny story for
this one is that we had the baptism scheduled for 4 p.m. Saturday
Afternoon. We had seen Jusara just a half hour before the service, which
looked perfect. However, we waited until almost 4:30 for her to show up,
with everyone that came, including another ward who was doing a joint
service with us. She doesn't have a phone, so we decided to run over to her
house. We got there, worried that something had happened or she was having
second thoughts, and found her... still getting ready. The most obvious
statement of the week was, "I'm late, aren't I?" and we were like well
yeah!!! Now we're laughing about it, so it's all good! Such a great
experience in all! 

At the same time, some sad news to report. Our part of Ribeira da Craquinha
is now in possession of the Sisters on the other side of our ward. That
means that Yannick's family, Jusara, Marina and Elisio, and Mario will now
go to them, to name just a few. Both Recent Converts and some of our
coolest investigators. It's really sad. We were talking to this one family
Nady and David for the last time, and in his prayer, David said "also
please don't let the Elders leave" and we were like noooo you can't say
thaaaaaaat! It was sad, but it needed to happen at some point. Sister
McClellan met some people that she knew from when she did a Humanitarian
EFY trip here, so it also seemed to fit.

We met a new family in Craquinha yesterday that we're going to give to the
Sisters. They lived in a part waaaaay out that we didn't even know existed.
They walk up to Monte Verde every weekend to the plantations that they have
there. They had visited a lot of churches, but had found something they
didn't seem to be right with every one. They were just like "we're only
looking for the true Church of Jesus Christ, but can't seem to find it!"
Well, we had just the thing for them. What a good lesson. Now the Sisters
will be able to work with this family as well, the lucky things.

In happier news, we finally get to mark a date for Erineu and Ronisse's
wedding! We've been impatiently waiting for that for the past month, so
we're stoked that we can actually make some hard plans. Wish us luck! So
stoked to work as hard as ever! Loving life!

Hope you all are great! Our Thanksgiving was nothing special, just some
chicken and a ton of mashed potatoes (I insisted that we make 2kgs of
potatoes and I ate most of them) but it was really good, so we didn't mind.
Can't wait for the Christmas season to really start kicking in this
country! #SejaALuzDoMundo #LightTheWorld

Elder Penner

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