Monday, May 9, 2016


I didn't have time to think up a super clever song for this week so I just put Mother by Pink Floyd because ya know Mother's Day and all. I got to talk to my family yesterday, they're all really cool but you all already know that because you know how cool I am and genetics and all that.

Anyways, this week was good, although a lot of the week was spent in the airport getting all the stuff ready for transfers. Don't worry, Elder Massey and I are staying for just one more transfer. That means I could know where I'm going next in as little as 3 weeks. How neat is that? I want to make these last 6 weeks I have here really meaningful though, I really like this area, and I'm becoming really good friends with the members here, too.

Highlight of the week: We had the wonderful chance of seeing Marlene be baptized by her own son, Kenny! The look on her face was such a joyful look. It really warmed my heart to see the happiness in her appearance these past couple of days. With all the worry and stress that we'd been going through with a few different things, it seemed as though all of our troubles were forgotten the hour of the baptisms. The Spirit is so strong at events like that, and it's because that He's always encouraging us when we're doing the right thing.

An update on some other people I've mentioned: Patrick hasn't been keeping any of the committments that we've left with him. He tells us he'll do these things and then he has excuses every time. We think it best to let him go for a while and then see how he's doing in a few weeks or so. Belarmino's doing really well, a little unsure about whether he should get baptized or not by the end of the month, but he's been to church multiple times now and is progressing really well. Nelito got to church, even though we promised we'd call him (we lost our phone for a bit) he got to church by himself! He was gone by the time Sacrament Meeting was over, and we haven't seen him since then, but we're excited for him, and we think he should be ready to be baptized by the end of the month, too.

Not much has changed here in the office, but the real changes are happening in our area. We've got a system that's helping us to get progressing investigators, and it's bringing us blessings! It's going to be another super fun transfer with Elder Massey. It's a good thing we get along with each other so well, because if we didn't it might have been hard to do a third transfer with the same comp.

Anyways, may the blessings of the Lord be upon you! Keep working miracles in your own individual ways!

Elder Penner

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