Monday, May 2, 2016

Different Names for the Same Thing

I barely have time to do internet today, so I'll keep this update short. My theme is the Death Cab for Cutie song Different Names for the Same Thing, because no matter how I want to say my week could have been, no matter what excuses I could have come up with, it all just comes to one conclusion: this week we didn't meet our goals. There were of course many things that popped up throughout the week that wouldn't let us teach for as long as we normally do. However, we just don't feel that we did everything that we could have when we went to teach this week. I think we kinda just started the week out with the thought "well, this one will be a lot tougher" so we just lowered our standards a little too far. We did teach, we did work, but we just don't feel like we gave it our all.

Changes will be made. In a lighter aspect, we had the interview of our investigator Marlene, and she's going to be baptized this Saturday!!! We're super stoked. Ever since I arrived in this area, I've seen her progress, especially since she finally received her answer about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Although it's been a little difficult, because she can only talk with us one day a week, she has progressed well and is ready to take the next step! We're super stoked, and we want to make sure that she has a special experience. It's times like these that I love the gospel especially, because I'm seeing someone living it!

Well, as the new transfers come up, this week may be a busy one for us as well, but we're not going to make it hinder our work in this area. I really like this area. Good members, good people, and families galore, if you know where to look! Have a fantabulous week!

Elder Penner

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