Monday, January 11, 2016

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!

Last week's blog post brought to you by Elder Penner's mom. I thought I'd update the blog since a few people have asked about an update this week.

Elder Penner and his new companion are now serving as a mission secretaries in the office as well as still having a regular area to cover and teach.  I received a quick email on Monday letting me know that he was quite busy and would write later in the week.  He mentioned he is also driving the van at time to help with transfers.  He's a safe driver.  I've been a passenger in his car and had to encourage him to speed up a little.  Since I'm his mom, I still worry about him.

I'll post his personal letter to me this week, because it wasn't really that personal.  I also didn't get it until Friday because it sounds like he was busy helping with transfers as well as his many other new duties.

Wow, that's a lot of questions, and I literally have no time to answer them. I'm really sorry, I tried to find time to do things, but I started doing stuff and everything just piled on top of each other this week. I'll try to answer these questions on Monday. Don't be surprised if something like this happens again, because we think that we're going to have to take on even more responsibilities in the following weeks. I'm happy though, this new area and my new comp are great, all is good. I'm a little stressed over the things I have to get done, but I feel like I'm managing it pretty well.

I'll have more to talk about on Monday! Love you!

Elder Penner

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