Monday, May 11, 2015

The Isaiah Chapters

I say that because we had the opportunity to see Antonio Évora be baptized this past week! We like to call him the modern-day Isaiah, because he used words and phrases that we don't even recognize to explain simple concepts of the gospel. We can't even get a word into the lessons, so we basically just helped him to teach himself with homework and inspired questions. It was some hard work, because he also had a whole lot of hesitation to become a member of the church. We were like, dude, you read the entire Book of Mormon and ditched coffee just like that! You shared your experience of the Holy Ghost confirming the truth to you! Apparently he feared that he wouldn't endure to the end if he became a member too quick. He told us that he entered the baptismal interview still not knowing if the time was right to be baptized, but it's a good thing he made the decision! We were so happy to see him enter the waters of baptism, and the next day during Elders quorum he asked "What is my purpose now as a member?" and everyone was like "Share what you discovered, of course!" I was filled with happiness that we have so many powerful members here to support him and show him the right way. Also, his wife Maria Alice got to church yesterday, which is awesome! She's a whole lot more open to the concept of becoming a member now that she's seen it happen with Antonio. Stay tuned, folks.

As for other events, we're finding a lot of cool new people, and making some decisions that'll probably help those not progressing. For example, we found this guy Ivan on the street and marked an appointment. Usually those appointments never come through but he was sitting there waiting for us! The next appointment he was there with Book of Mormon in hand just waiting for us again! And yesterday he was already prepared to get to church when we got there (NEVER happens here.) We felt truly blessed to have met the guy, and we're gonna work hard to help him learn and progress in the gospel, as we should! The sad thing is that Doris and Airton (pretty sure I've mentioned them) are progressing very well, but they just found out that they have to find a new house. Now they have to wait until they move until they get married. We wish there were something that we could do to help them out, but sadly us missionaries don't have real estate capabilities here in Cabo Verde.

Just to let you all know, yesterday Elder Gilbert and I made mashed potatoes and gravy and we literally rejoiced at the glory of it. It truly is the little things here that make you appreciate America all the better. Also as a side note, I need to go to Fogo. Legend tells of a place there where you can find real live actual bacon there. Like, bacon. From America. I'm getting hungry as I write this.

But enough of my mindless ramblings. How are you all? Having a good time? Anybody hear any good jokes recently? I'd share mine with you all, but you guys need to learn Creole first to understand it. Get on that. Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Elder Penner

p.s. Is All About that Bass still a thing there? No, wait, I don't want to know.

Antonio's baptism

The mashed potatoes they rejoiced over

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