Monday, May 4, 2015

A New Hope

What a week! Hope you guys had a calm one, this one was kinda crazy for me.

Elder Gilbert arrived at almost Midnight on Monday night. He's a really really awesome Elder. It's nice to have a native English speaker that'll understand your American references. He's been in Fogo for most of his mission, and he has some really crazy stories about the place. First thing, he was there when the volcano was erupting (though on the safe side of the island) so he got like the coolest view ever. He says that investigators used the volcano as an excuse to not go to church somehow. Also on Fogo there's this religion they don't have here called Admontists or something who basically are Christian with the only difference that they believe Saturday is the holy day. It makes a little more sense in Portuguese, because Sabado literally means Sabbath and Saturday at the same time. It's funny.  Also the goats are dying, and they're not completely sure why. Strange things, man.

But anyways, our area is still normal! Antonio Évora is so close to the waters of baptism! We're going to mark an interview date today, so wish us luck! As for other things this week, we mostly just spent a lot more time than usual on the street. New investigators, though! Also we found DOG CATCHERS here and we were like whaaaaaaaat???

I'm out of time for this week, sorry, but not too many crazy things happened. I give a promise for a fuller update of things happening here next week!

Bizot Ficam Drêt!
Elder Penner

FYI, they see a lot of stray dogs so he was surprised to see a dog catcher.  I keep waiting for this "mythical" longer update he's going to give!  Oh well.  We get to Skype with him on Sunday, so part of next week's entry might be about that call.
  ~ Kirsten

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