Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everything is Awesome! Everything is Cool...

Hey all!

Don't have all that much time today, but I want to say a few cool things that happened this week. We just ended our first transfer here, and it seems that every companionship in São Vincent is getting separated except for Elder Figueiredo and me. We finally have an Elder who's a native English speaker in our district! I was happy, the other elders laughed at how excited I got.

I´m pretty happy that I´m staying here this transfer, because it feels like a lot of our hard work is paying off, and we plan to bring at least 6 members into the fold within the next two weeks! We're so excited. If you guys can remember Kuk and Janete, who had the problem of being too young to be baptized alone, we found a solution. Elder Figueiredo called President Matthews about them and another investigator named Feliz. Pres said that Kuk and Janete can be baptized as long as they have support of the ward and permission from the parents. We were really happy about that, because they're really awesome and really love the church, and everyone was really disappointed that they couldn´t get baptized this last Saturday as planned.

Now as for Feliz, she's an awesome person that we ran into one day. She had a confirmation of the truth of the Church of Jesus Christ, and she's making a lot of great changes in her life, like going to church and ditching alcohol. The only problem we were worried about was that she sells alcohol basically out of her house, which means that her house is always full of drunk people. Really not good, we sometime's can't have a good lesson because they're always filling the place. But we asked President Matthews, and he said that we don't have a rule about it, so she can be baptized but we should work as hard as we can to help her to stop selling alcohol. Even moving to another place to sell it would be better, though obviously not ideal at all. We have much hope for her, though. She and her daughter will be ready really soon, possibly next week we think.

We also had a surprise, which was our investigator Arlinda getting to church twice. It was a surprise because we didn't think that she was really progressing at all. But once she got to church the first time, all that changed. We´ve been able to teach her a lot of wonderful things, and we've realized that she's been prepared by the Lord since long before we arrived.

Anyway, that's cool, I thought my letter would be shorter, but I think I've said everything I want to. Everything's still awesome, looking forward to "kill my dad" Elder Figueiredo in this area. He doesn't like to talk about home anymore, and I think it's kinda funny. He's trying hard not to die before he dies, if you know what I mean. But yeah. Hope everyone's doing great! Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team!

Elder Penner
We took another photo in Nelido´s house, he´s doing great! the other guy is Roney

We found out that we have a roof! Cool!

We had a Zone Meeting a week ago, about half of those people have moved now though, because of the transfer.

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