Monday, March 9, 2015

Awkward, ever awkward

Yo yo, from Mindelo.~

Sooooo this week was pretty great. I can´t believe that the new transfer is next week, it feels like I´ve only been here like 2 weeks or something. I´m pretty sure that Elder Figueiredo and I are going to stay here. Elder Cruz, the last elder that was here, tells me that there´s a curse on this area that one missionary stays in the area for like 5 transfers and switches companions every 1 or 2 transfers. I hope that doesn´t happen with me. Don´t get me wrong, I love the area, love the people, but half the area is on a mountain, and our area was actually more like 2 and a half areas before, but they don´t have enough missionaries in the mission, so they combined them. We have a lot of ground to cover, and there´s one part we haven´t visited yet, because it´s waaaay too far and we don´t know anyone there.

I wanna talk a bit this week about my companheiro, Elder Figueiredo. The guy´s a literal boss. He used to be Assistant to the Mission President and Zone Leader twice, and is now here as a District Leader for his last 2 transfers before he dies. He´s a one of a kind power missionary, he is. I can tell even from the short trainings he gives during district meetings that he was meant to give them. The guy just does everything effectively, and we´re really on a role with the exact obedience a missionary should have, I think. He learned English on the mission, so he´s really not half bad at it at all, but the first couple of weeks I kind of struggled a bit because he´s not perfect, and I missed talking with native English speakers like bad for a bit. I´d say I´m comfortable with only speaking English in the house and a bit with the natives here that know a bit and like to speak it for fun. I´d say I speak just about 20% English.  

Okay, that´s about all we have for this week, except for that we ask for your prayers this week that our investigators will be touched by the Spirit to have the will to go to church, because they need to do it to be qualified for baptism, so we can help these people save their immortal souls, dangit. Seriously though, keep them in your prayers! Hope you all are well and happy! 

Elder Penner

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