Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pictures!! MTC week 3

I recently started reading in the New Testament to familiarize myself more with it because most of our investigators here have a Christian background. Going through the life and teachings of Jesus in Matthew is a great way of reminding myself of the example that we should all follow, and it also gives me some great stories to bring to lessons!

Oh, almost forgot to tell you, I've seen Bryant here and there this week, but we're mostly separated due to our different schedules. We try to talk as much as possible though, and from what he's told me, he's having a great experience! Tell Sister Purnell he's doing great!

A story I want to share about an Elder in my district, he's been getting really sick, and he managed to lose the medicine that the health center gave him, though it wasn't doing much good anyways. We decided yesterday that he needed a priesthood blessing to help him get better, so last night we anointed him with oil and Elder Hunt, his companion, gave him a priesthood blessing. We felt the Spirit so strong that night. I can't tell you the number of times that I've been in tears because the Spirit was so strong, I just keep getting more each day.

I'm just going to share a quick testimony in Portuguese, and I'm done.

Eu quero compartilhar meu testimunho,
Eu sou grato por meu Pai Celestial, e por Seu Filho, Jesus Cristo.
Eu sai que o evangelho é verdadeira, e O Livro de Mormon é verdadeira também,
Eu sai que o caminho ão Deus é por meio dos ensenamos de O Livro de Mormon.
Eu amo minha família, amo Jesus Cristo e Sua Expiaçao, amo o evangelho restaurado.
Eu disse ses coisas em e nome de Jesus Cristo, amem.

Here is a pictures of me and my companion, Elder Wakeham.
And one of my District

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