Monday, April 11, 2016

Human After All

This week, Elder Massey and I made a big focus on making sure that we weren't getting lessons just to get the lessons. We slowed down a bit and evaluated on whether our teaching was really focused on helping them to be a progressing investigator, or if it was focused on helping them to understand their divine potential and showing them the faith that it takes to come unto Christ. That's why this week, I've decided to put my title as the Daft Punk song, Human After All. For we really are human, after all. I've noticed that I need to do just a bit better at that.

In other news, the week just seemed to zip by. We also made it a goal to renew our inventory of investigators a bit, to help us to focus on those more prepared to take action on what we teach. One of our investigators Carmelito kind of describes the situation we have to deal with a lot: on Saturday, we gave a lesson to him on obedience and pretty much made him promise to come to church. We asked if there was anything that would stop him, and he said no. We finally find him on Sunday afternoon after finding his house empty before church. He told us that he went to a party and didn't come back until 9am. GAh.

We have a newer investigator who we marked with for the 30th, his name's Patrick. He's a super cool guy, and he likes our message. We found him at the less-active Jailson's house, and our first plan was to help them to progress and become active together, but we fear that it's not going to work out like we planned. This week, we're trying to get a firm, active member to be a stronger support for him, and in turn, Jailson. I think with a lot of work and coordination we could pull this one off, but pray for us all the same!

Lately I've been focusing on the words that the Apostle Russel M. Nelson gave on making the Sabbath Day a real delight. I'm trying to make sure my thoughts are in the right place, especially on Sunday. Elder Massey and I also try to make a good dessert on Sunday Evenings, which I've begun to call our "Sabbath Delight"

I don't have much time to talk today, so I think I'll leave it here, but I hope that your second full week of April will be a great one! This week is going to be a little more crazy, because a lot of Visa Waiters here got their Visas to Brazil, and will be leaving this week. So there's going to be a little transfer inside of the transfer... stay tuned...

Love you all! Fika drĂȘto!
Elder Penner

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