Monday, February 16, 2015


Jordan’s brothers were very interested in what they eat in Cabo Verde, so his letter this week is about that. He promises a more detailed email about his missionary work next week.  He spent a lot of his computer time trying to get drop box setup so he can share more pictures with us. 

He answered:  We just eat chicken, rice, and beans, mostly. My companion's good with spices, though, which is awesome. Most of the people here can't afford to feed us dinner, so we basically just take 2 hours for lunch instead. Took me a couple of days to get used to that. But we found this really awesome place which is basically a house made into a restaurant, which serves a really big meal for only 200$ (which is like 3 bucks in our money) per person. It's awesome. Stuff here is cheap, when you see it in relative to American money.

My companion told me that the juice here would make me sick when I first drank it, because they use unfiltered water to make it. I've drunk quite a bit of juice from a couple different places, and I've honestly been fine. No problems, whatsoever. My companion was freaking out a bit.

Seriously, though, I've talked to other American elders in my zone, and they haven't been any worse than a few fevers and some intense diarrhea.

I'm doing great! Missing home a little more than I did at the MTC, but still determined to work hard! I am in physical pain trying to imagine a hot shower.  My companion can speak English, but sometimes I have to translate for him because he's Portuguese.  It can get lonely at times.  I am learning a lot from him even though sometimes it is hard to communicate.  They say it takes 2 transfers to get the language down.  I admit, I am looking forward to that. 

Oh yeah. We play intense soccer for 2 hours every P-day. I'm not even bad, which is really surprising for me. I've assumed my rightful place as front and center striker, of course.

 Last but not least, a great pic of the city from the mountain I have to hike every day to get to some investigators (I get a nice workout, let me tell ya)

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